You cannot take it back

Ein Gedicht von Mary H
How can I let you go
When I wait for you
To text me again
Be kinky like always

Deep inside I know it
You are too obvious
But why did you take a bit
And put me down and miss

Our dumbest conversations
Their were my obligations
Now I have to live without you
What the hell did you do?

I’m dead, broken inside
Just be kind
Cuz you may not know
How fragile a human being is

I’m sorry for being a mess
For showing you I care less
For sucking the fuck out of you
But I don’t deserve going this through

I put you high
You can’t deny
You put me down
And now I’m crying all alone.

You cannot take it back
You shared things with me
I mean what the heck?
Can’t you see?

Are you an actor?
How awesome you work
Or do you prefer
Being called a jerk?

See, you lost me
But I‘ll never lose you
Because you‘ll always be
A part of me ..

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