my heart it stops

Ein Gedicht von Mary H
if i could ever explain what is inside of me
it would be better to lose you than to see

how im drowning in my Feeling in my

Tears and Tears are proud of me
you dont want to see

why im suffering, its because of my

who am i?
the Girl at home or the Girl in your Company?

what is this?
anxiety or infinity?

where are you?
away from me or near to me?

why is it hard to accept myself?
why dont you look at me?

my heart is surrounded by pain
i barely see this world.

i notice im just a piece of my own despair
and i cant live with this fear.

if i told you how im Feeling you
just say take it easy, its rude.

take what easy? my life?
im trying but it dont work.

should i give up?
my heart it stops.

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