sorry for my dumbness

Ein Gedicht von Mary H
i could say thousand words
in silence
and yet it hurts

i feel the truth intensively
and i have to accept certainly
that it isn't good.
It isn't good

to fake a play
because even the worst actor
feel the realness when he say
that he love her

The sound of rain,
The stars shining in the dark,
A long walk thru the park.
These are calming my pain.

You could cry an ocean, or turn the desert into
something really impressive
because people like you were going thru
something surreal and I'm sorry that you've been

fighting on your own
without any help.

I'm sorry that I understand after years
what you told me in your hardest time
without any clue that you were suffering and you weren't fine.
I never thought of your fears

I'm so sorry..

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