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3 Tough 16.11.19
I can't sleep, my head is to loud
It's overwhelming, like standing in a crowd.
I am struggling with who I am and who I wanna become,
Change is easily to say but hardly done.
Being all by myself is not new to me
Sometimes it's nice and I feel free,
Sometimes it's tough and I feel tired and I miss the man who's been desired.
It will go over it just needs time and I will wait with a glass of wine.

2 Fool 15.11.19
You think you are very smart
and look like a piece of art,
you treated me like a holy one,
gave me the feeling I was the only one
then you texted your Ex "I want you back " and sticked a knife into my neck.
I waited for you, it must have been hours,
you didn't care and ordered more whiskey sours.
1 The goddess of ocean 15.11.19
The silence you brought into my life
feels like a cold, sharp knife,
watching my throat,
I can't sing a note.
You could read me like a book
and I undress you with just one look.
Wine with Mary and Jane
My head was f****d, it was insane
I was your second voice and you were my first
Then you f****d my friend and everything turned worst.
There is no hope for us
You'll end up as a chapter full dust.