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6 Bird 15.07.19
Click delete
Like it’s never been there
But there’s no button in my life
Just the pain that comes across
With every single loss
Try to hide the things inside
Like a bird who flies away so quiet
5 See me 15.07.19
I can’t think for you
Cause you won’t let me through
I try to accept, but my head won’t let
You are some kind of perfect
Some special kind of worth it
I‘m trying to keep you
Cause deep down I know I’ll always need you
4 Demon blood 15.07.19
Somebody please shut down the voices
They’re starting to make angry noises
My head is playing a game
Maybe I’m getting insane
Demon blood running through my Vene
3 Love is 15.07.19
Love is laughing without even joking
Love is to never stop hoping
Love is feeling broken
When words and thoughts are unspoken
Love is putting somebody always first
Even when you know it might be worse
Love is knowing without telling
Ending the sentences of their partner without them spelling
Love is missing
When they leave you without kissing
Love is a feeling like there’s a hole in your chest
Love isn’t temporary when it’s at its best
2 You and me 15.07.19
Believe me,
I didn't wanted to but I always knew
I knew it would happen
I hoped it wouldn't
I saw the day coming but I wanted the time to stop
You to accept me
You, no one else
Now you see through my eyes,
you know the truth, and we both realize
It would have never happend, us,
Even though, I'll always want nothing,
but you
1 End before the start 15.07.19
I knew the end right before the start,
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know,
Again and always
But for how long?
It was a mistake, my personal mistake
To think someone like you could love someone like me,
I'm sorry, there's one thing you can do about that,
Forget about me, it won't be so hard,
I mean,
I thought I could do this, thought it could be you and me, but there'll always be just me, nobody who could see through the wall