Ages of this world

Ein Gedicht von Lilly Lime
Ages of this world

It is true ...

ages come and go,

but we always remain the same,

looking at each other ...

rain is falling

around us

droplets, light, and memory –

I love you –

says every raindrop

this story can never be undone ---

it is like a knot in my heart,

– and whenever I see you

I turn back to it,

taking up the story were we left ...

Ages come and go

but in my heart

you always will remain,

smiling at me

across this chasm of life

– that is tearing us apart ---

Your smile will remain for all eternity,

and my heart will keep on beating

as long as I see your smile,

it is as easy as that –

And yet we stand a thousand feet apart.

When the rain is falling upwards

and the air smells of spring,

I will come for you

and take you by your hand –

– there has never been the chance

of another life,

but in my heart

I keep the shards of your smile,

age after age ...

It is true,

this story can never be undone,

– just as the 'mountains will not 'fall in a day. –

I remain on the brink of eternity, watching the horizon

for more rain to come ...

Take my hand,

I say to you,

take my hand even as we smile across these thousand feet apart, a chasm of life,

that we can but dream across ...

take my hand

bag my eyes for all eternity, and your smile for me

lasts ages of this world

– droplets, light, and memory –

we cannot but dream

though life might be kinder as long as we smile

at each other .

5./6. August 2019

copyright @Lilly Lime

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