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9 falling 12.02.20
is it depression
when you cry all night long
hearing the same sad song
thinking about everything you've done?

falling deeper without noticing you get lost
and it's scary because coming back is like catching dust,
but you try your best - I trust.
8 deep black hole 12.01.20
pressure and time,
the only two things that disturb my mind.
i have to do this and that,
is there an end? not yet.
self-acceptance is what i need,
but i can't effort it in any time decade.
i should stand up, instead of being sad,
laying in bed,
let anxiety controlling my neck
and falling into a deep black hole without comeback.
7 i wish 01.08.19
i don’t know if i bother u,
i’m a lil bit obtrusive that’s not new.
i wish i could change but also not,
because that’s just me - I am like that.
there is always a lot i am thinking about,
sometimes i wish i could scream everything out loud.
6 hope(less) 26.07.19
i am happy but also not,
there is always a reason why everything sucks.
hope is the only thing i believe in,
optimism feels right on my skin.
sometimes it's hard not to give up,
when life goes crazy i pray to god.
but one day, i know, i will find the right way,
because I decided it for me.
5 night thoughts 26.07.19
my thoughts are too loud,
i can't sleep.
i think too much
about the world and me.
is there someone who can help,
or does everyone just relate?
my future is unclear,
is there a happy end or just fear?
no one can answer me at all,
because these questions are too complicated for the world.
4 self-doubt 26.07.19
green eyes - dark hair
but no one is around her.
she feels lonely and scared
when she's looking in the mirror
because she knows
no one will love her forever-
will a pretty face make it better?
3 lonely nights 26.07.19
dreamy eyes are crying-
although I am trying.
but nothing is okay
because people can hurt you anyway.
2 moonshine 26.07.19
I look up to the sky and see you shining,
you are beautiful in the way you're rising.
you hug me with your brightest light
and I talk with you 'till the end of night.
1 moonrise 26.07.19
blue sky
you and i.
pink clouds
boy boy bye.
i'm on my way
to see the moon shine.
my only friend
forever mine.
you're in my heart
and on my skin.
i trust you
until the end.